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Vietnam Weather Forecast


Vietnam’s weather varies from the sub-tropics in the North to the tropics in the South. The humidity is high, with average ranging around 84% a year.  Moderated by two monsoons, the average temperature (from 22 to 27) is lower than other countries also in the equatorial regions. The weather varies greatly from North to South, depending on elevation and type of landscape.




Weather today


Hanoi City

Vinh City

Hue City

Saigon City

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Click for Vinh, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Hue, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Forecast


Cao Bang

Lang Son

Lao Cai

Son La

Click for Cao Bang, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Lang Son, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Lao Cai, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Son La, Viet Nam Forecast


Bach Long Vi

Ca Mau

Da Nang

Nha Trang

Click for Bach Long Vi, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Ca Mau, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Da Nang, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Nha Trang, Viet Nam Forecast


Phan Thiet

Phu Quoc

Quy Nhon

Dong Hoi

Click for Phan Thiet, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Phu Quoc, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Qui Nhon, Viet Nam Forecast

Click for Dong Hoi, Viet Nam Forecast



Northern weather

Northern Vietnam (from Hue up North) has four seasons with a cold winter and hot summer. The temperature ranges from 5-6C in winter to up to 35C in summer. The further North it is, the colder it gets. In mountainous regions in the far North (such as Sapa) the temperature some times drops below zero. Rainy months are August, October, November. February and March have persistent, light, drizzling rain.


Central Vietnam

Temperatures are high all year round. The temperature tends to be warmer and more humid than the South in the middle of the year and cooler during the dry season from November to April. Flooding may occur from October to December.


Southern Vietnam

 Has a distinct dry season (from November to April) and wet season (from May to October). Average temperature ranges from 25-30C. During wet months, heavy and short downpours may occur in mid-afternoons.





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